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Amaretto Truffles – Food Review – Tartufi Dolci -Trader Joe’s


trader joes, truffles, amaretto, reviewJanuary 14, 2017

These are very elegant mild dark chocolate truffles with a delicate amaretto flavor.   Many many small pieces of nuts and Amoretti cookies inside the truffles give these a surprising, unique and good mouthfeel and taste.

One downside is that the very small pieces tend to stick between teeth and even between tooth and gum.  That may leave a desire to brush or floss soon after eating.  A second downside is that these are a seasonal item.  It may not be until next December when we see them again.

The packaging is as elegant as the chocolate.  Each truffle is individually wrapped in a shiny paper with a twisty flourish above the truffle.  If put out on a tray, the wrapping helps reduce any concerns about how many people picked up and then put down the truffle.



Choceur Blueberry Acai Dark Chocolate Covered Superberries – Food Review – ALDI


choceur, dark chocolate, superberryies, bluberry acaiJune 1, 2016choceur, dark chocolate, superberryies, bluberry acai, nutrition

It’s not really dark chocolate.  But it’s not milk chocolate either.  Here’s the reason, it’s made in the USA.  But it’s still good.  Too good!

Why does the USA matter?  Because, the USA seems to have an aversion to dark chocolate.  Other Choceur products I’ve tried were imported from Germany where dark chocolate is typically more robust.   While disappointed that the chocolate wasn’t what I was expecting, these are still very good.  In fact so good it’s relatively easy to eat the whole 7 ounce package in a short time.  At 170 calories per listed serving, and 5 servings per package, that’s 850 calories – about 1/2 of the total calories most of us need for an entire day!  So ration yourself.

 Price $2.79 (7 ounce package – 5 servings)    Calories 170 per serving (10 pieces)

ALDI – Specially Selected ChocolateTruffles – Food Review

ALDI, chocolate truffles


This is one product that looks better than the picture.  Along with that, it tastes better than the picture.


Choceur Dark Hazelnut Crisp – Food Re-Review – ALDI

Choceur Dark Hazelnut Crisp ALDI

Dark Hazelnut

Still the same, even if the name is not.


Schogetten Dark Chocolate – Food Re-Review – ALDI

Schogetten Chocolate Front 2015

Schogetten Chocolate Front 2015

Silly me.


Moser Roth Chili Chocolate – ALDI – Food Review

Moser Roth Chili Chocolate

Moser Roth Chili Chocolate

This one doesn’t work for me.  The dark chocolate is excellent and totally hides the chili until about a minute later when the heat from the chili starts to warm the throat building up over the next two or three minutes to a low burn and mild chili taste.   My preference would’ve been that the chocolate taste linger.  While chocolate and chilies may work in a mole sauce, it’s not a combination that works for me in this chocolate bar.  





ALDI Choceur Creme Filled Mini Chocolate Bars – Food Review


They did it again.  Another really good chocolate treat.


ALDI – Schogetten Chocolate – Food Review


3.5 ounce chocolate bar for a buck?  Not bad.


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