ALDI Choceur Creme Filled Mini Chocolate Bars – Food Review


They did it again.  Another really good chocolate treat.

Let’s call these heavy-duty Kit Kats.  Actually more of a cross between a Twix and a Kit Kat.  Well, a cross between a Twix and a Kit Kat plus something else.  Maybe a cross and a plus plus?  Alright, you’ll have to decide what they’re like.

These are like Kit Kat and Twix because there’s a little bit of crunch to them.  A wafer produces the Kit Kat crunch.  A biscuit produces the Twix crunch.  The Choceur Mini Bars get their crunch most likely from the “rice crisps” in the ingredients.  Okay, the hazelnuts possibly add to the crunch.

All are covered in chocolate.  What else?  The Choceur chocolate, however, is of the darker semisweet kind.  For me that gives this a much richer chocolate taste than the chocolate on either the Kit Kat or Twix.  Just for the record, Kit Kat is one of my favorites.

The hazelnut creme filling, of course, is unique to the Choceurs.  This adds gluttony to the gluten.  While you may be tempted to eat the whole package at one time, you probably won’t.  Strangely, a single one of the 11 mini bars in the package is satisfying.  What kind of marketing strategy is this?  “You can eat only one!”

As an aside, and for people who like to read ingredient labels, here are a few extras you may not know existed;  sheanut oil, sheanuts and illipe butter.  No matter, they all work together well with the rest of the ingredients.

The packaging is even unique.  Each mini bar comes very neatly wrapped in its own paper wrapper.  The chocolate on each bar has a raised wave pattern.  “We eat with our eyes first.”

Under the word Choceur on the front label are the words “fine chocolate”.  They really are.

Calories 105 per single mini bar (18 g)

   Price $1.99 (7 ounce, 200 g package) – 11 mini  bars per package

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