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Trader Joe’s Simply Nutty vs. Kind Dark Chocolate, Nuts, Sea Salt Bars – Food Review


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March 4, 2017

It’s predominantly* almond (Kind) versus predominantly* peanut (Simply Nutty) in this nut-off challenge.  For those who need to know quickly, Kind has the bigger nuts. That’s important, because when you bite into them, Kind requires a little more jaw power.  However once in the mouth and chewed around some, the texture is indistinguishable between the two.

For those who like their nuts slightly salty, Kind would be your choice.  In comparison, Simply Nutty is just that – not much of a salty experience here.  Holding all the nuts together at the base, for both, is a dark dark brown chocolate.  Some of the same is drizzled on the top of the nuts.  I guess the drizzle is for decoration, but could be there for the lickers among us who might want to slowly savor the experience.  Licking from the bottom would be too messy.  So, the dark chocolate on both is very much the same, good, but nothing to write home about.

trader joe, dark chocolate, nuts, sea salt, review, price, nutrition, simply nutty barskind, dark chocolate, nuts, sea salt bars, review, price, nutritionThe products are very similar, with small individual preferences being the deciding factors between the two for most of us.  Finally, these type of comparisons usually come down to price.  The Kind bars are 4 bars for $4.99 and the Simply Nutty bars are 5 bars for $4.99.



Kind – Calories 200 per bar,   Price  $4.99  – box of 4 bars

Trader Joe’s Simply Nutty – Calories 200 per bar,   Price  $4.99  – box of 5 bars

*Based on the first ingredient listed on the ingredient label

Amaretto Truffles – Food Review – Tartufi Dolci -Trader Joe’s


trader joes, truffles, amaretto, reviewJanuary 14, 2017

These are very elegant mild dark chocolate truffles with a delicate amaretto flavor.   Many many small pieces of nuts and Amoretti cookies inside the truffles give these a surprising, unique and good mouthfeel and taste.

One downside is that the very small pieces tend to stick between teeth and even between tooth and gum.  That may leave a desire to brush or floss soon after eating.  A second downside is that these are a seasonal item.  It may not be until next December when we see them again.

The packaging is as elegant as the chocolate.  Each truffle is individually wrapped in a shiny paper with a twisty flourish above the truffle.  If put out on a tray, the wrapping helps reduce any concerns about how many people picked up and then put down the truffle.


Nürnberger Lebkuchen – Food Review – Trader Joe’s


nurnberger lebkuchen, chocolate, trader joes, germanyDecember 24, 2016

Gingerbread on first bite, but there’s much more here.  Second bite, read the ingredient label.  This is a mini fruit cake without the bad reputation.  It’s like eating a puzzle as you try to match the flavors in your mouth with the ingredients.  Third bite, this cookie has history.  It was created by 13th century monks in its present form.  Where would foodies be without monks?  Think about it.  But before the monks the history goes back to the Roman legions.  Where would men in short skirts be without the Legions?  Maybe, don’t think about it.


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