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Trader Joe’s – Loacker Quadratini Dark Chocolate Wafer Cookies – Food Review


March 31, 2018

Little squares, that’s what quadratini means.  But these are really little cubes.  That would be six squares in a cube, if anyone’s counting.

These are just like sugar wafers in the US, except they’re different.  The typical sugar wafer is a five layer combination of  light wafer cookie and relatively sweet creamy filling, most often in the shape of a long rectangle.

The Quadratini are a similar layering of a light wafer cookie with a creamy filling between layers.  Except in this case there are nine layers in the finished product.  And instead of a rectangle, the cookies are cut so that the length and width of the cookie roughly equals the height of the layers leaving a nine layer cube of around 3/4 inches (19.05 mm) to a side.  This creates a very bite-sized, very dainty and very light cookie.

The other difference between this and the US variation, is the sweetness.  These are not very sweet.  There’s a very European feel to the chocolate wafer and chocolate filling.  The taste of high quality cocoa predominates, minus much of the sugar that makes cocoa into chocolate.  Now, if this flavor isn’t for you, there are 10 other flavors available – but possibly not all at Trader Joe’s.

Price  $3.69 per 8.8 oz. bag

Calories  150  per 8 cookie cubes

Trader Joe’s – Cinnamon Apple Snack Sticks – Food Review


Trader Joe's, apple cinnamon snack stick, review, price, calories, nutritionJanuary 12, 2018

So light you’ll eat the whole bag and never notice it. That is until you step on the scale.

These are mildly sweet, gently flavored cinnamon and apple, multi-grain snacks. Like all snacks they’re easy to like and even easier to eat. The grains used are;  corn flour, rice flour, and potato fiber (I know, not a grain).  They’re labelled gluten-free.

The really interesting thing about these is the shape. They are small hollow tubes. How do they do it?


Trader Joe's, apple cinnamon snack stick, review, price, calories, nutritionTrader Joe's, apple cinnamon snack stick, review, price, calories, nutrition

Price  $2.49 per 6 oz. bag

Calories  140  per ounce (28g)

Trader Joe’s Popcorn Chips – Food Review

trader joe's, snack, popcorn chips, review, price, nutrition, caloriesHonestly, I picked these up just to see what they were.  Popcorn chips, how could that be?  That’s making a snack food out of a snack food.  It ain’t right.

If you’ve ever had mini rice cakes, these are very close to that experience.  The “chips” are airy in texture and dry in the mouth.  There’s just a hint of salt and sweet for flavor.  Aside from that, there’s not much to these – except some calories.  And as much as these are unexceptional, the whole bag disappeared within a couple of hours.  That’s what a snack food is.

trader joe's, snack, popcorn chips, review, price, nutrition, caloriesPrice $1.99 (4.5 ounce bag)

Calories 110 per ounce (28g, about 17 chips)

Trader Joe’s Simply Nutty vs. Kind Dark Chocolate, Nuts, Sea Salt Bars – Food Review


trader joe, dark chocolate, nuts, sea salt, review, price, nutrition, simply nutty barskind, dark chocolate, nuts, sea salt bars, review, price, nutrition
March 4, 2017

It’s predominantly* almond (Kind) versus predominantly* peanut (Simply Nutty) in this nut-off challenge.  For those who need to know quickly, Kind has the bigger nuts. That’s important, because when you bite into them, Kind requires a little more jaw power.  However once in the mouth and chewed around some, the texture is indistinguishable between the two.

For those who like their nuts slightly salty, Kind would be your choice.  In comparison, Simply Nutty is just that – not much of a salty experience here.  Holding all the nuts together at the base, for both, is a dark dark brown chocolate.  Some of the same is drizzled on the top of the nuts.  I guess the drizzle is for decoration, but could be there for the lickers among us who might want to slowly savor the experience.  Licking from the bottom would be too messy.  So, the dark chocolate on both is very much the same, good, but nothing to write home about.

trader joe, dark chocolate, nuts, sea salt, review, price, nutrition, simply nutty barskind, dark chocolate, nuts, sea salt bars, review, price, nutritionThe products are very similar, with small individual preferences being the deciding factors between the two for most of us.  Finally, these type of comparisons usually come down to price.  The Kind bars are 4 bars for $4.99 and the Simply Nutty bars are 5 bars for $4.99.



Kind – Calories 200 per bar,   Price  $4.99  – box of 4 bars

Trader Joe’s Simply Nutty – Calories 200 per bar,   Price  $4.99  – box of 5 bars

*Based on the first ingredient listed on the ingredient label

ALDI – Fit & Active Philly Cheese Steak – Food Review


aldi, fit active, philly cheese steak, review, priceJanuary 25, 2017

If your expectations are a Philly cheese steak, you’ll be disappointed.  If your expectations are a tasty hot snack, you’ll be happier.  In fact these are good enough that I could easily eat two or three or four.  So you’d better be fit and active, emphasis on active, because the modest 310 calories in one may quickly draw a crowd.
aldi, fit active, philly cheese steak, review, price, nutritionThis is a frozen entrée that is microwave cooked in a cardboard browning sleeve.  This sleeve, as well as others I’ve tried, do a good job of producing a crisp crust.  While the crust came out fine, some of the filling blew out of each end.  So keep it on a plate or paper towel while cooking to help avoid cleaning your microwave.  The filling appears to be mostly cheese with tiny pieces of meat and green peppers.  Green pepper is the most prominent flavor.  The overall texture is firmly mushy.  The shell has a nice taste and texture.  Oven cooking directions are also provided.

Calories  310 per serving – 2 servings per box    Price  ??? (lost the receipt)

ALDI – liveGfree Edamame & Lentil Chips – Food Review


ALDI, chips, gluten free, corn, lentil, edamameEdamame and lentil attracted me to the package.  The taste kept me in the package.  And, by the way, these are gluten-free.


ALDI – Chocolate Coated Butter Cookies – Specially Selected – Food Re-review

ALDI Specially Selected Chocolate Covered Butter Cookies

ALDI Specially Selected Chocolate Coated Butter Cookies

This is basically just an update on the previously reviewed ALDI chocolate coated butter cookies.  For whatever reasons companies do these things, ALDI has renamed and slightly changed the package of these still great cookies.  The ALDI “Cafe Bistro” name has given way to the ALDI “Specially Selected” name.  Most importantly, the same really really good chocolate coating is still on the same unlikely butter cookie.  The combination still makes these one of the best cookies on any grocery shelf.


Deutsche Kuche Liqueur Cake Bites – Food Review – ALDI

ALDI - Liqueur Cake Bites - 1

ALDI – Liqueur Cake Bites – 1

High expectations were met.


Trader Joe’s – this “apple” walks into a bar … – Food Review


These are no joke.


Trader Joe’s Pumpernickel Pretzel Sticks – Food Review


It’s hard doing food reviews while on a diet.


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