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trader joes, truffles, amaretto, reviewJanuary 14, 2017

These are very elegant mild dark chocolate truffles with a delicate amaretto flavor.   Many many small pieces of nuts and Amoretti cookies inside the truffles give these a surprising, unique and good mouthfeel and taste.

One downside is that the very small pieces tend to stick between teeth and even between tooth and gum.  That may leave a desire to brush or floss soon after eating.  A second downside is that these are a seasonal item.  It may not be until next December when we see them again.

The packaging is as elegant as the chocolate.  Each truffle is individually wrapped in a shiny paper with a twisty flourish above the truffle.  If put out on a tray, the wrapping helps reduce any concerns about how many people picked up and then put down the truffle.

The truffles are packed in one of those decorative tins that are too good to throw away.  So you’ll be able to add another can to the collection.  I know we’ll both find a very good use for all those tins in 2017.

At $5.99 per tin (12 truffles) some may consider this a bit frivolous.  But for once a year, both you and your guests are worth it.  Well, umm, clear throat . . . I know that at least you’re worth it.  Right?!

Calories:  240 per 3 pieces     Price: $5.99 per package (12 truffles)

trader joes, truffles, amaretto, review, nutrition


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