ALDI – Schogetten Chocolate – Food Review


3.5 ounce chocolate bar for a buck?  Not bad.

You’ll find three Schogetten chocolates at ALDI (maybe more where you live?).  Two will differ by the amount of cocoa in the bar, one will throw some hazelnuts into the mix.  Cocoa of course is what makes chocolate, chocolate.  But there is also, too much of a good thing.  How much is too much is something you’ll need to decide for yourself.  The answer is sort of personal.  It’s like the boxers or briefs thing (never would I have ever thought there’s a game by this name – haven’t tried it).

For me the 65% cocoa in the dark chocolate (read the number on the front label) is sort of like a brief.  If I happen to have a few briefs in the drawer (I do) and I pull one out first, it’s going on, even though the odds are stacked the other way.  So it was with the dark chocolate.  It turned out 65% cocoa wouldn’t have been my first choice, but it worked just the same.

The Schogetten milk chocolate  contains 30% cocoa.  You need to turn the package over to find this important fact.  It also contains 18% milk solids. I’m not sure of the relevance of the later, other than this is milk chocolate.  In comparison, the milk chocolate still has a very chocolate taste, but not as strong as the dark variety.  It’s also a creamier chew.  Pretty good also.

The third variety adds hazelnut paste to the milk chocolate.  What’s not to like?  For some reason the hazelnut chocolate tastes a bit sweeter to me, even though there’s actually a little less sugar used in the recipe.  Go figure.  I should also note that any of the three is a quality chocolate.

One really nice thing about the Schogetten chocolate is, it’s not a bar.  Inside the package are separate small squares of chocolate.  There’s no need to break off pieces like a chocolate bar, getting chocolate crumbs over your counter, car and/or person.  Just open the tab on the end of  the package, slide out a square of chocolate, reseal the package and enjoy.  Not only is it neater, but a square or two is going to satisfy your chocolate craving without needing to eat the rest of the package.  One package goes a long way.

The next time you visit ALDI, or visit for the first time just to try these out, pick up one of each variety and decide for yourself whether it’s boxers or briefs.  Maybe you can further randomize the experiment by putting them in your underwear drawer?  Be careful the chocolate doesn’t get on the wears.

Also see number 8 on this website.

Calories  per 7 pieces (7 pieces is a lot to eat of any of these chocolates)

Dark Chocolate – 195 calories,  Milk Chocolate – 205 calories,  Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts – 215 calories

            Price  99 cents


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9 Responses to “ALDI – Schogetten Chocolate – Food Review”

  1. voyance Says:


    ALDI – Schogetten Chocolate – Food Review | Ain't Found A Good Title Blog

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  2. Carol Says:

    Wondering why ALDI’s in Farmington,Missouri doesn’t sell Schogetten chocolate anymore?

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  3. Charles McChesney Says:

    Read the review on the delicious “Schogotten Dark Chocolate” bars and I want to update it to Summer 2015! These “best of breed” dark chocolate (outside of Western Europe) have suffered a cruel fate and the news is NOT good.!!!
    The 65% cocoa bar is no more, it has new packaging and the % cocoa is now obscured in the list of ingredients. It is now a WHOPPING 50%, bye bye 65%!!!
    Alas, the perennial, problem of monetary inflation usually resulting in smaller grocery packages at the same price is joined by cocoa % reduction. To add insult to injury, the UPC number is the same, but the package is slightly different.
    Tastewise, the new formulation is slightly creamier and less bitter, so the search is on for an economical REAL dark chocolate…


    • steveo Says:

      Thanks for pointing that out Charlie. I haven’t picked up any recently, but the Moser Roth chocolates used to have higher percentages of cocoa. I’ll check them out on my next visit to ALDI. But of course, they are slightly more expensive. More bad news is on the way. Cocoa prices may double in he next five years.


  4. iris Says:

    Hey want to add – what happened to Aldi Choceur dark hazelnut chocolate? Did they change it? Don’t know if it is a dud block but what happened to the whole hazelnuts? Gone?


    • steveo Says:

      Added. Thanks for the heads up. I hadn’t noticed the hazelnuts were gone. ALDI is puzzling almost every time I go there.


  5. Brigitte walker-Keller Says:

    I loves schogetten bout we don’t have a Aldi here in Worland Wy. To bad I love Aldi…..


  6. Caroline Beard Says:

    I thought that I finally found the PERFECT DARK CHOCOLATE!! I’m an avid connoisseur of dark chocolate and it seems that every time I find the perfect chocolate it either gets discontinued, they don’t carry it or they change the formula… like dove. Well now Schogetten has done the same thing! I absolutely loved the old formula with the delicious strong chocolate that I got many people hooked on! I would eat it ALL the time! I would buy at least 20 at a time, and now I tried “THE NEW IMPROVED FORMULA”, and it really SUCKS!! I tastes just like all the rest of the “dark” chocolates.. which is too sweet, and tastes more like milk chocolate! I’M so disappointed and sad that I won’t enjoy the best chocolate I ever tasted, ever again!! DAMN!!


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