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July 4 2011


Sometimes something goes right.







Torchwood – BBC – TV Series – 2006 thru ….


A bunch of sexually tense people shout at each other while fighting a new alien an episode  plaguing Earth through a time rift in Cardiff, Wales.  Cardiff?  Exactly.


WordPress – .com vs. .org – monetizing


Monetizing Your Blog

com is restrictive and sort of fuzzy             org is wide open

Monetizing your blog simply means making money from your blog.    While many of you writing blogs, write for personal reasons, it would be an incentive if you could earn a few dollars a year to treat yourself to a dinner or kitchen gadget you’ve always wanted from all the hard work you’ve done to create and maintain your blog’s content.  Making money on the web generally involves running;  banner ads, ad services and or links to sites where you might make a small commission for referrals and any sales coming from you. is very restrictive in what you can do to monetize your blog. is your baby to do with as you want. 


Shampoo – Not the movie


Spent the weekend shampooing about 1000 sq. ft. of old carpeting. At the end concluded that it didn’t need shampoo. It needed new flooring.

I will say that the Rug Doctor kicked butt. Buy some extra shampoo however, because it’s primary job seems to be to put out and suck back gallons of soapy water on the carpet. About 4 gallons in 10 minutes. But it’s one kickin’ shampooer. Rented from Loew’s.

Hello world!


Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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