Choceur Blueberry Acai Dark Chocolate Covered Superberries – Food Review – ALDI


choceur, dark chocolate, superberryies, bluberry acaiJune 1, 2016choceur, dark chocolate, superberryies, bluberry acai, nutrition

It’s not really dark chocolate.  But it’s not milk chocolate either.  Here’s the reason, it’s made in the USA.  But it’s still good.  Too good!

Why does the USA matter?  Because, the USA seems to have an aversion to dark chocolate.  Other Choceur products I’ve tried were imported from Germany where dark chocolate is typically more robust.   While disappointed that the chocolate wasn’t what I was expecting, these are still very good.  In fact so good it’s relatively easy to eat the whole 7 ounce package in a short time.  At 170 calories per listed serving, and 5 servings per package, that’s 850 calories – about 1/2 of the total calories most of us need for an entire day!  So ration yourself.

 Price $2.79 (7 ounce package – 5 servings)    Calories 170 per serving (10 pieces)


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6 Responses to “Choceur Blueberry Acai Dark Chocolate Covered Superberries – Food Review – ALDI”

  1. DiscoverNet | Aldi Foods You Need To Try Before You Die Says:

    […] all of the great chocolate at Aldi comes from Europe. Choceur Dark Chocolate Covered Superberries Blueberry Acai is made in the United States and it’s still really, really tasty. The dark chocolate is […]

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  2. Stuart nichols Says:

    Great tasting, great price, need to buy more..

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  3. Antonia Says:

    Oh, gosh, I know what you mean- I can eat an entire bag in one sitting even when I resolve to STOP and save a good portion of the bag for later! These are so good!

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  4. janjoy52 Says:

    Or you can say that was so totally worth it! I will go very light on my calories for the rest of the day and smile my way to sleep!

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