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Trapped – Series 1 – 2015 – TV Series Review


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August 11, 2017

A torso stabbed 7 times, a ferry from Denmark and a fierce blizzard arrive at the same time in a small Icelandic harbor village.  The story that unfolds over 10 episodes is mesmerizing.  If you’ve never binge watched a series, this could be your first.  Oh, and if you’re ever stuck at home by bad weather feeling sorry for yourself, take a look at the weather in this village.

This is a story and substories that slowly unfold in front of us, all nicely tied together at the very end.  Along the way are unanswered questions and clues, but never enough to predict how everything will end.  All the action takes place in an unlikely sleepy fishing village where everyone knows everyone, but hidden secrets lurk beneath the surface.  Some of the secrets are personal, but some are larger crimes such as fraud, human trafficking and murder.

Left to untangle this tightly wound web is an unlikely 3 person police force led by a police chief from the big city.  That in itself is one of the substories. How does a big city detective end up in a small village?  Isolated from outside police help by the blizzard, these 3 people learn to overcome their weaknesses and human frailties to solve the current puzzles as well as another puzzle from 7 years earlier.

Speaking of human frailties, there’s enough of these to go around in this small village.  Most of them are the result of broken relationships and unlikely people sleeping with each other for unlikely reasons, even in somewhat unlikely ways.  All of these treated with the utmost discretion (considering) with only fleeting and mild nudity.

If you liked the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo trilogy (Millennium series), this is of similar style.  I don’t know what it is about Norsemen and Norsewomen, but they seem to know how to tell a good story and program computers (no computer programming in this story).  Maybe it’s the long winters?

The entire Trapped Series 1 is now showing free for Amazon Prime members.  Individual episodes are also currently running on the cable channel Viceland (check your local schedules).  The series runs with English subtitles in the US.


Ex Machina – Movie Review

Ex Machina

Ex Machina

This is a heady science fiction film.  Before people reach for the X button on their browser, good science fiction is neither about science nor about fiction.  It’s about us. To alleviate any fears that may exist from the word heady, the film contains beer drinking, vodka drinking, nudity (female only) and a disco scene.  I can’t explain the last.


The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo – 2011 – Movie Review


The opening titles are worth the price of the ticket.


The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo – 2009 – Movie Review


La Femme Nikita, Aeon Flux, Evelyn Salt, rolled into one 88 pound unlikely Swedish package.  This is Lisbeth Salander.  You won’t forget the name.


Doctor Who – Season 5 (2010) – Back Again – TV Review


After a long, long wait, the first disk of Doctor Who, Season 5 finally arrived from Netflix.  For Doctor Who fans, you won’t be disappointed.


Up In The Air (2009) – Movie Review


Liked this so much the first time, I rented for a second look. (more…)

Salt (2010) – Movie Review


She’s not Bourne again.  But she’s a fair Elvis.





Yojimbo (1961) – Movie Review


Westerns don’t get any better than this Eastern.


The American (2010) – Movie Review


Plenty of eye candy here, both nature and human.  However save this one for the DVD rental.


Eat Pray Love – Movie Review


Eat, Pray, Love.  If I had done any of these for the 2.25 hours the movie ran, I would’ve been better served. 


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