ALDI – liveGfree Edamame & Lentil Chips – Food Review


ALDI, chips, gluten free, corn, lentil, edamameEdamame and lentil attracted me to the package.  The taste kept me in the package.  And, by the way, these are gluten-free.

June 11, 2016

“liveGfree” seems to be the name for ALDI’s line of gluten-free products.  What attracted me to these chips was not the gluten-free aspect, but rather the words “edamame & lentil” on the package.  What an unusual combination of words to see on a bag of chips.

Initially I was disappointed because, as might have been expected, the first ingredient on the label is, whole grain yellow corn.  Lentils come in fourth place and edamame as soy flour comes in sixth.  So these are mostly corn chips.  But that turns out to be not so bad.

With sort of a dry earthy taste these chips have something of an addictive quality about them.  There’s a nice different bit of seasoning on the chips which is probably the “garlic hummus” listed on the package.  It’s a nice seasoning.  With some variability from chip to chip, sometimes it’s a little salty.  The dry earthy taste of the chips is most likely because these are baked chips.

If you have a problem with gluten, this is another product which broadens your choices for snack foods.  If you don’t have a problem with gluten, well, these are still pretty good – and different.  Like all things ALDI, it’s difficult to know if these will be a regular item on the ALDI shelves.

Price  $1.99  (7 ounce bag)           Calories  110 per about 12 chips (28 g)

ALDI, chips, gluten free, corn, lentil, edamame, nutrition

ALDI, chips, gluten free, corn, lentil, edamame


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