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ALDI – Fit & Active Philly Cheese Steak – Food Review


aldi, fit active, philly cheese steak, review, priceJanuary 25, 2017

If your expectations are a Philly cheese steak, you’ll be disappointed.  If your expectations are a tasty hot snack, you’ll be happier.  In fact these are good enough that I could easily eat two or three or four.  So you’d better be fit and active, emphasis on active, because the modest 310 calories in one may quickly draw a crowd.
aldi, fit active, philly cheese steak, review, price, nutritionThis is a frozen entrée that is microwave cooked in a cardboard browning sleeve.  This sleeve, as well as others I’ve tried, do a good job of producing a crisp crust.  While the crust came out fine, some of the filling blew out of each end.  So keep it on a plate or paper towel while cooking to help avoid cleaning your microwave.  The filling appears to be mostly cheese with tiny pieces of meat and green peppers.  Green pepper is the most prominent flavor.  The overall texture is firmly mushy.  The shell has a nice taste and texture.  Oven cooking directions are also provided.

Calories  310 per serving – 2 servings per box    Price  ??? (lost the receipt)


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