Deutsche Kuche Liqueur Cake Bites – Food Review – ALDI

ALDI - Liqueur Cake Bites - 1

ALDI – Liqueur Cake Bites – 1

High expectations were met.

I first saw these some time earlier this year and passed them up.  I didn’t really understand them based on a quick look at the package and the price.  They were the same price as their really really good big brothers, the Liqueur Cakes, but were only about 1/3 the weight.  That didn’t make sense.  The full size Liqueur Cakes were something I couldn’t get enough of.  Why would I want to buy less for the same price?

This time around, I noticed the one thing on the package I missed the first time.  The Bites are completely chocolate covered – either in dark or milk chocolate.  Yes!  In homage to the next Star Wars movie, the dark side won me over.  And only after sampling two or three did I understand their dubious purpose.

When the package is first opened, the Bites present the same enticing whiff of liqueur as the full size cakes.  There’s no question whether this is the real stuff.  Biting into them releases even more of the liqueur flavor and gentle assault on the nostrils.  However, at least for the dark version, the chocolate mediates the flavor making them taste less sweet than their full size brothers.  The contrast between chocolate and cake works well (could it ever not?).

And what’s the dubious purpose of these bite size cakes?  They’d work extremely well at the end of a buffet line or the end of the evening when friends are over for a holiday party or other get-together.  They’re a perfect finger food, loads of goodness, but little mess.  And what’s dubious about that?  Would you really want to share?

Price: $2.99 – Calories:  150 for 3 Bites

Availability: A “while they last” special

ALDI - Liqueur Cake Bites - 1

ALDI – Liqueur Cake Bites – 1

Liqueur Cake Bites - ALDI - 2

Liqueur Cake Bites – ALDI – 2


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2 Responses to “Deutsche Kuche Liqueur Cake Bites – Food Review – ALDI”

  1. Ina Says:

    and its baumkuchen. this cake is expensive, like really expensive.

    Liked by 1 person

    • steveo Says:

      Thanks Ina. Yes, at almost $11 per pound it is expensive. So maybe once a year after all the bills are paid . . . ?


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