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ALDI – Chocolate Coated Butter Cookies – Specially Selected – Food Re-review

ALDI Specially Selected Chocolate Covered Butter Cookies

ALDI Specially Selected Chocolate Coated Butter Cookies

This is basically just an update on the previously reviewed ALDI chocolate coated butter cookies.  For whatever reasons companies do these things, ALDI has renamed and slightly changed the package of these still great cookies.  The ALDI “Cafe Bistro” name has given way to the ALDI “Specially Selected” name.  Most importantly, the same really really good chocolate coating is still on the same unlikely butter cookie.  The combination still makes these one of the best cookies on any grocery shelf.



ALDI – Chocolate Coated Butter Cookies – Cafe Bistro – Food Review


The name sounds so plain and ordinary.  The cookies tell a different story.


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