Trader Joe’s – this “apple” walks into a bar … – Food Review


These are no joke.

The rest of the joke is missing, but what’s left is a pretty tasty snack.  Soft, mildly sweet, a nice apple taste in the filling with hints of cinnamon and other flavors, these bars could be habit-forming.  About half the ingredients are prefixed with the word “organic”.  For those of us who are only half committed at best, this must be the perfect bar.  What’s not a joke is the price.  At $1.99 for six bars these are at the lower end of the snack bar market.

Like other snack bars, if you’re watching carbs and calories, you may have to ration yourself.  One bar is about the same as eating two pieces of bread, 27 grams of carbs.  17 carb grams come from sugar. I suppose given the choice of eating two plain pieces of bread or one of these, 100% of us would pick these.

TJ makes a point of telling us the product contains selenium. That’s unusual – that a product prominently lists a selenium claim. It contains no less than 50% of our daily selenium needs according to the package.  Umm?  Wiki to the rescue.  Selenium is used by the body to make selenoproteins. Selenoproteins are important antioxidant enzymes according to Wiki.

Another use of selenium is in photocells.  I wonder if eating one of these bars and standing in the sun will help keep our smart phones charged?  ‘this “apple” walks into a bar’ and says, “My smart phone just died.” …

Calories 140 per 1 bar     Price  $1.99  – for six bars


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3 Responses to “Trader Joe’s – this “apple” walks into a bar … – Food Review”

  1. vicki reed Says:

    Where do you buy them

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    • steveo Says:

      At Trader Joe’s. Search for Trader Joe’s on your phone or computer and see if there’s one near you.


  2. Scott McIntyre Says:

    After eating my first bar, I thought Trader Joe’s needed to finish the joke so I started writing them.

    This apple walks into a bar and sits next to a beautiful blonde. He looks at her and says, “Hey sweet thing, you’re a peach I could sink my teeth into.”

    “And you”, the blonde replied sarcastically, “are rotten to the core.”


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