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Trader Joe’s – Crispy Crunchy Oatmeal Raisin Cookies – Food Review


Trader Joe, review, price, nutrition, calories, cookies, crispy oatmeal raisinNovember 29, 2017

Crispy is the key word on the bag.  Pay attention.

Homemade might be another word for the bag.  What’s meant by that is; not your homemade, nor grandma’s homemade, but my homemade.  Cookies and my oven don’t get along.  I blame it on the oven, of course.  Any kind of cookie I’ve ever attempted came out thin and so crispy that they bordered on just this side of burnt.  That’s the feeling I got with these oatmeal raisin cookies from our favorite Trader.

Trader Joe, review, price, nutrition, calories, cookies, crispy oatmeal raisinThe cookies were so thin that the pretty much hard and dried out raisins tended to pop out of the cookie on their own leaving small holes in the cookie.  Look in the bottom of the bag for the raisins.  The cookies were crunchy, as most things toasted beyond tan tend to be.  Now of course, even in their current condition, I ate them up, because any oatmeal raisin cookie is better than none.  But if you prefer the softer thicker chewier kind of oatmeal raisin cookies, like I do, pass these up.

Price $3.99 (7 ounce bag)

Calories 130 per ounce (2 cookies)

Nürnberger Lebkuchen – Food Review – Trader Joe’s


nurnberger lebkuchen, chocolate, trader joes, germanyDecember 24, 2016

Gingerbread on first bite, but there’s much more here.  Second bite, read the ingredient label.  This is a mini fruit cake without the bad reputation.  It’s like eating a puzzle as you try to match the flavors in your mouth with the ingredients.  Third bite, this cookie has history.  It was created by 13th century monks in its present form.  Where would foodies be without monks?  Think about it.  But before the monks the history goes back to the Roman legions.  Where would men in short skirts be without the Legions?  Maybe, don’t think about it.


Deutsche Küche – Coconut Spritz Shortbread Cookies – ALDI – Food Review


aldi, coconut spritz, shortbread cookies, chocolatealdi, coconut spritz, shortbread cookies, chocolate, nutritionSeptember 30, 2016

There’s nothing very special going on here.  These were on the shelf for what used to be ALDI’s Oktoberfest, but in September.  That generally means they won’t be around until next spring (Mayfest?) and next autumn.  As stated on the label these are shortbread cookies.  They’re a little on the sweetish side for shortbread.  Additionally, as you can see, they’re half coated with coconut sprinkled milk chocolate.  If you like shortbread cookies, and shortbread crumbs on your shirt, blouse or sweater, these will suffice just as well as any.

Price $1.99 per box (12 cookies)       Calories  140 per cookie


Trader Joe’s – Dark Chocolate Chunk and Almond Cookies – Food Review

Dark Chocolate Chunk Almond Cookies Trader Joe's

Dark Chocolate Chunk
and Almond Cookies
Trader Joe’s

If you don’t like sweets, you may like these.  Or, if you want to curtail your intake of sweets for whatever reason, these may be a blessing.  That’s not to say these are so bad you wouldn’t eat them.  They’re actually good in their own way.


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