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Marzipanstollen – Food Review – Trader Joe’s


tj, trader joe, marzipanstollen , nutrition, review, calories, priceDecember 20, 2017

Don’t open this in the presence of law enforcement.  There’s enough powered sugar loosely coating this cake to make your kitchen look like a coke lab.

The cake part is a little dry and tasteless. The raisins are sweet and moist. The marzipan and small pieces of candied fruit are even sweeter. When you get enough fillings with the cake in one bite, it all comes together in the mouth. While this cake is not bad, unless you really like this kind of cake it might be better to save your calories for something else.

tj, trader joe, marzipanstollen , nutrition, review, calories, pricePrice $3.49

Calories  340 per 1/6 slice of cake

Landshut Riesling 2016 – Wine Review – ALDI


aldi, landshut riesling, 2016. white wine, sweet, review, price. moselNovember 7, 2017

This wine is a very clear pale yellow color with a few happy bubbles once the screw cap is taken off and the wine meets the glass.  There are slight notes of sweet fruit on the front of the tongue.  There is no burn on the tongue, roof of mouth or back of the throat.  I liked the 2013 version and have no complaints with this one either, other than it’s a touch too sweet for me.

Paired with a Trader Joe’s Balti Curry pie, it went well.  The sweetness helping to balance out the curry.  While an unusual pairing, the wine is probably better by itself as a sipping or party wine.  The wine is fine at room temperature, but a slight chill makes it a bit better.  This is advertised as an 88 point wine.  While some might argue rating points, no one can argue the price and the value that represents.  Price $4.99.

I had this at the same time as a 2016 Crystal Creek Riesling also from ALDI.  As neither was my cup of tea, what I did was “blend” them in the glass.  The sweetness of this wine helped balance the negative burn from the Crystal Creek.  The sum was better than the parts.  Forced with making a selection, I’d pick this over the Crystal Creek.

Nürnberger Lebkuchen – Food Review – Trader Joe’s


nurnberger lebkuchen, chocolate, trader joes, germanyDecember 24, 2016

Gingerbread on first bite, but there’s much more here.  Second bite, read the ingredient label.  This is a mini fruit cake without the bad reputation.  It’s like eating a puzzle as you try to match the flavors in your mouth with the ingredients.  Third bite, this cookie has history.  It was created by 13th century monks in its present form.  Where would foodies be without monks?  Think about it.  But before the monks the history goes back to the Roman legions.  Where would men in short skirts be without the Legions?  Maybe, don’t think about it.


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