Nürnberger Lebkuchen – Food Review – Trader Joe’s


nurnberger lebkuchen, chocolate, trader joes, germanyDecember 24, 2016

Gingerbread on first bite, but there’s much more here.  Second bite, read the ingredient label.  This is a mini fruit cake without the bad reputation.  It’s like eating a puzzle as you try to match the flavors in your mouth with the ingredients.  Third bite, this cookie has history.  It was created by 13th century monks in its present form.  Where would foodies be without monks?  Think about it.  But before the monks the history goes back to the Roman legions.  Where would men in short skirts be without the Legions?  Maybe, don’t think about it.

Trader Joe has two versions of the cookie. This is the chocolate covered version.  There’s also a sugar iced version.  The nurnberger lebkuchen, chocolate, trader joes, germany, nutritionchocolate is good but nothing special.  Its secondary purpose may be to keep the cookie under the chocolate soft and moist.  Kuchen in the name means cake.  In keeping with the name this is a pleasantly soft cookie. There’s an odd bottom to the cookie which may be there as a structural member to help hold the cookie together and to keep it moist.  At first the bottom seems to be thin paper.  But it appears to be edible.  Well, at least I ate it and I’m still here.  Matching to the ingredient label, I’m guessing the bottom contains in part the “waxy corn starch”?

Before all the above scares you off, this is pretty good stuff.  It’s well worth a try, and a Christmas treat as well.

Price $2.49 (7 cookies)     Calories  120 per cookie

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