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SW Florida Eagle Cam – Photography


eagle cam, sw florida, youtube, monochromeJanuary 14, 2017

If you haven’t discovered this yet, here’s your chance.  It’s the only reality show worth watching.  The chick hatched on December 31, 2016.  Unfortunately, the stream has been down today.  I’m sure it will be back up soon.  Until then there are always highlights to watch.

Found here:  Eagle Cam

Also found here: Eagle Cam YouTube direct.



Weekly Photo Challenge – Narrow Perch – Photography

birds, perch, parakeets, Australia
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Turtle Thursday – Raven – Guest – Photography


Here’s a sequence of photos (5) which helps explain this week’s Oops! photo challenge entry.

Pretty Raven

Pretty Raven


Turtle Thursday – Guest – Portrait Of Ruby – Photography


While the turtles are finding some 4 star mud at the bottom of ponds to sleep in for the winter, the hummingbirds are on the way to their Caribbean vacation.  So, until next spring, Ruby we’ll miss you.

Portrait Of Ruby

Portrait Of Ruby

Green Heron Looking Up – Photography

Green Heron Looking Up

Green Heron Looking Up

Here’s a not often seen angle of a green heron.  I was standing under a tree at the edge of the pond looking around the pond for the heron which, once spotting me and the camera, had just flown away – as was the usual game he played.  When I looked up, the green heron was in the tree above me calmly looking down and a second one in the next tree.  Go figure.

Great Blue Heron – Walking On Water – Photography


I’m not sure if this heron did this for fun or was just aborting his dive for a fish?  Maybe, some day, I’ll go back and watch him again.

Great Blue Heron - Walking On Water

Great Blue Heron – Walking On Water


Green Heron – Light Snack – Photography


This is a lot to ask of a camera from 35 feet away.  At the end of his beak is a dragonfly he just snatched out of midair as it flew by his side.  Click on the image for a larger view.

Green Heron - Light Snack

Green Heron – Light Snack


New Lens Test – 5 Photos – Photography


FrogNew lens?  Needs a test drive.  The new guy isn’t exactly a new new lens.  He’s still around 30 to 40 years old.  I’m hoping experience counts.

Now that that’s done, back to the wine reviews.  A word of caution though for your new lens test, don’t do the wine review before the new lens test.  Hope you enjoy, either or both.


Mr. Mallard – Photography

Mr. Mallard

Mr. Mallard

Mr. Mallard walked out of his pond about 15 feet away.  I threw him a handkerchief to clean his nose.  But he was happy the way it was.  Nonetheless, I felt obligated to take his picture.

Turkey Vulture – Photography

Turkey Vulture

Turkey Vulture

Found this guy sitting on top of a large dead tree on my way home from World Eagle Day (more about that later).


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