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WPC – Favorite Hummingbird – Photography

wpc, favorites, hummingbird

Click on image to enlarge. It makes a difference.

What’s your favorite?  Click here.



Have A Happy Humming Christmas – Photography



To all dear readers who happen to stumble across this, have a Happy Healthy Christmas!  And thank you for your persistence in reading mundane food reviews.  I promise to be just as boring in 2017.  Peace and Peace On Earth!

Weekly Photo Challenge – Cherry (Hummingbird) On Top – Photography


hummingbird, feeder, cherry red

For other cherry pics, click here.

Turtle Thursday – Guest – Portrait Of Ruby – Photography


While the turtles are finding some 4 star mud at the bottom of ponds to sleep in for the winter, the hummingbirds are on the way to their Caribbean vacation.  So, until next spring, Ruby we’ll miss you.

Portrait Of Ruby

Portrait Of Ruby

Weekly Photo Challenge – Ruby- From 3 Angles – Photography


The lazy photographer will maintain a stationary position allowing the subject to do all the work.

Ruby 2

Ruby 2


Turtle Thursday – Tortoise Shells – Photography


Today is a little abstract with an almost works monochrome version of tortoise shells.

Tortoise Shells

Tortoise Shells

My goal last week was to make friends with this guy and get a better picture.  Here he is again as another bonus photo and just a little friendlier.

Ruby-throated Hummingbird 2

Ruby-throated Hummingbird 2

Turtle Thursday – Clay Turtle – Photography


This Chinese tortoise/turtle symbolizes longevity, power, and tenacity.  To learn more about the symbolism of turtles in various cultures see this Wiki article.

Clay Turtle

Clay Turtle

And a bonus image below because, well, why not?  My goal is to make friends with this guy and get a good picture of him before he flies south for the winter.

Ruby-throated Hummingbird

Ruby-throated Hummingbird

Weekly Photo Challenge – Inspiration – Photography

Inspiring Hummingbird Named Norm

Inspiring Hummingbird Named Norm

What’s my inspiration?  This is sort of like Muse II.  I didn’t do very well discovering an inspirational muse.  I’m not going to do well with this one.  But the answer is everything and nothing.

Everything, because everything has a story to tell, something to learn.  Nothing because, once everything is inspirational there’s no differentiation between inspirational and not inspirational – neither exists without the other.  Inspiration just becomes the new norm.

To see what inspires others, click here.

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