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Green Heron Looking Up – Photography

Green Heron Looking Up

Green Heron Looking Up

Here’s a not often seen angle of a green heron.  I was standing under a tree at the edge of the pond looking around the pond for the heron which, once spotting me and the camera, had just flown away – as was the usual game he played.  When I looked up, the green heron was in the tree above me calmly looking down and a second one in the next tree.  Go figure.

Turtle Thursday – Turtle and Green Heron – Photography


Everyone shares the log in this pond.

Turtle and Green Heron Log

Turtle and Green Heron Log

Green Heron – Light Snack – Photography


This is a lot to ask of a camera from 35 feet away.  At the end of his beak is a dragonfly he just snatched out of midair as it flew by his side.  Click on the image for a larger view.

Green Heron - Light Snack

Green Heron – Light Snack


New Lens Test – 5 Photos – Photography


FrogNew lens?  Needs a test drive.  The new guy isn’t exactly a new new lens.  He’s still around 30 to 40 years old.  I’m hoping experience counts.

Now that that’s done, back to the wine reviews.  A word of caution though for your new lens test, don’t do the wine review before the new lens test.  Hope you enjoy, either or both.


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