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Weekly Photo Challenge – Narrow Perch – Photography

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Trader Joe’s – The White Ribbon – Shiraz – 2014 – Australia – Wine Review

The White Ribbon, Shiraz, Hunter Valley, wine, Trader Joe's

The White Ribbon
Shiraz – 2014

Since following the The Wine Wankers, I’ve made an effort to pick up a bottle of Australian wine when stopping at the wine shelves.   The Wine Wankers would probably agree that along with boxed wine, Shiraz is considered the national wine of Australia.  In other parts of the world Shiraz is generally known as Syrah.


Presswork Shiraz – 2011 – Trader Joe’s – Wine Review

Presswork Shiraz 2011

Presswork Shiraz 2011

A slightly sweet aroma escaped the bottle as the screw cap was removed.  That was unexpected along with the very pretty arterial blood-red color in the glass.


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