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WPC – Out Of The Shadows – Photography


Ominous figures arise from the shadows.

wpc challenge, tortoise, zoo, shadow

Want to shadow others?   Click here.


SW Florida Eagle Cam – Photography


eagle cam, sw florida, youtube, monochromeJanuary 14, 2017

If you haven’t discovered this yet, here’s your chance.  It’s the only reality show worth watching.  The chick hatched on December 31, 2016.  Unfortunately, the stream has been down today.  I’m sure it will be back up soon.  Until then there are always highlights to watch.

Found here:  Eagle Cam

Also found here: Eagle Cam YouTube direct.


Turtle Thursday – March Morpho Mania – Guest – Photography


The photo doesn’t do justice to the fascinating iridescent blue color of these butterflies.

Nor does it do justice to how that color is produced.  The butterfly is actually not blue.

Turtle Thursday – Cat Yawn Day – Guest – Photography


It’s just that kind of day.

cat, yawn, teeth, tiger

Cat Yawn Day

Turtle Thursday – Warm-Nosed Swan – Guest – Photography

swan, sleeping, warm nose

Keeping a warm nose while sleeping.

Turtle Thursday – Monochrome Blue Heron – Guest – Photography


If it’s monochrome, how do we know it’s blue?

Blue Heron, monochrome, nature, birds

Blue Heron

Turtle Thursday – Blue Heron Standing – Guest – Photography


A 65 °F day at the end of January brings out the herons fishing and the shirtsleeved photographers also fishing.

Blue Heron

Blue Heron

Turtle Thursday – Guest – Blue Water – Photography


Not a great photo, but the metallic blue mirror-like quality of the water intrigues me.  Who can explain people?

Blue Water

Blue Water

WPC – Now (and Then) – Flood – Photography (4 photos)


I was going to skip this week’s photo challenge, but . . .

Double Yellow Line

Double Yellow Line


Turtle Thursday – Raven – Guest – Photography


Here’s a sequence of photos (5) which helps explain this week’s Oops! photo challenge entry.

Pretty Raven

Pretty Raven


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