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July 4, 2018 – Local Parade – Photography

July 4, parade, local, dance team

Dance School

July 4, parade, local, dance team dad

Dance School Dad

July 4, parade, local, dino, hitchhiking

Catching A Ride

WPC – Favorite Hummingbird – Photography

wpc, favorites, hummingbird

Click on image to enlarge. It makes a difference.

What’s your favorite?  Click here.


WPC – Twisted Twisted – Photography


wpc, photography, nik, twisted, gimp, monochrome, photo manipulation

Feel like you’re tied up in knots?  Click here.


wpc, photography, nik, twisted, gimp, monochrome, photo manipulation

The original, twisted once.

WPC – Liquid Road – Photography


wpc, photography, nik, liquid road, monochrome

Like to be liquid?  Click here.

WPC – Happy Place (someday) – Photography


wpc, photography, nik, happy place, ferrari 430

Want to see other’s happy places?  Click here.

Window shoppers, click here.

WPC – Unlikely?, Serpent Attacks Sidewalk- Photography


wpc, photography, nik, unlikely, serpent, street photography

Need more unlikely things?  Click here.

WPC – Curved Lines – Photography


wpc, photography, nik, line, monochrome

Want to straighten those lines?  Click here.

WPC – Lines – Photography

street photography, women's march 2017, protest, freedom, democracy, rally, lines

Loo Line

Want to queue up for more lines,  click here.

WPC – Prolific Mallard – Photography


wpc, mallard, photography, nik, prolific, ducklings

Need more?,  click here.

WPC – Inverted Sunset – Photography


wpc, photography, nik, sunset, gimp, photo manipulation

For more up and down images,  click here.

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