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Trader Joe’s Traditional Marinara Sauce – Food Review


Thoughts can be dangerous.


Gimme Lean Vegan Sausage Gravy and Biscuits – recipe


Not as good as the meat version, but shows some potential.


Gimme Lean Vegan Sausage – LightLife – Food Review


Not exceptional out of the box, but it lends itself to some possibilities.


Trader Joe’s Organic Tofu Veggie Burgers – Food Review


If you’ve been a lifelong vegan or vegetarian, here’s your chance to find out what those no-name pressed together chicken patties are like.


Trader Joe’s Soy Chorizo – Food Review


This food requires TTT (toothpaste tube technique).


Peanut Satay Noodles – Trader (Ming’s) Joe’s – Food Review


If you don’t like these you can always try them as fish bait.


Trader Joe’s Multigrain Crackers – Food Review


It must be the microbial enzymes that make these so good?  Is this more than anyone wants to know?


Trader Joe’s Punjab Choley – Food Review


Let me know if you find anyone who will kiss you after this.

Hot! Hot! Hot!


Trader Joe’s Spring Onion Rice Noodle Soup Bowl – Food Review


For all practical purposes this is just about the same as TJ’s Garlic Rice Noodle Soup Bowl.   The major differences are; this one has a little less sodium (salt), but still 1250 mg per bowl, and lacked a “vegetable packet”.  Since the label says there’s a vegetable packet (spring onions) in the kit, and since mine was missing, I should call this Spring Onion-less Soup Bowl.  But I won’t quibble.


Garlic Rice Noodle Soup Bowl – Trader Joe’s – Food Review


A mild almost sweetish broth with some unobtrusive rice noodles makes for a quick and inexpensive lunch. The only problem is the 1340 mg of sodium (salt) per bowl.  But still, not bad for 99 cents.


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