Garlic Rice Noodle Soup Bowl – Trader Joe’s – Food Review


A mild almost sweetish broth with some unobtrusive rice noodles makes for a quick and inexpensive lunch. The only problem is the 1340 mg of sodium (salt) per bowl.  But still, not bad for 99 cents.

How does it compare to the ubiquitous cup of ramen noodles. There is no comparison for taste. TJ’s rice noodle bowl is hands down better than the traditional cup of ramen noodles.  Even though the least expensive ramen noodles are about 33 cents a cup, there’s still no comparison.  Most of us can afford the extra 66 cents to enjoy something that’s much more enjoyable to eat.

The package says there are two servings per package/container/bowl.  Most of us would consider the container to be just one serving.  The calories and salt listed here assume one person will eat the entire contents.  Most of the cost of the noodles has to be in the packaging.  It’s sort of a do it yourself, almost Lego-like, experience. This package came with the rice noodles already in the bowl.  But with not less than three packets to break open and add to the bowl before “cooking”.  Included was; a packet of oil (maybe just a half teaspoon), a packet of dried greens (spring onion and garlic flakes) and the secret salt-laden packet of seasoning (not so much of a secret as the cardboard wrapper lists it all out.

Follow the directions.  Partially peel back the “lid” on the bowl, cut open and add the packets, pour in boiling water to the first line in the bowl (or fill with cold water and microwave three minutes), let sit 3 minutes, stir and eat.  It’s going to be hot after 3 minutes, so maybe wait a little longer for it to cool down a bit.

The flavor is good.  The do it yourself experience is rewarding.  At 260 calories, it won’t put a lot of weight on most of us. If only it didn’t have so much, over half our daily requirement of, salt?

Trader Joe claims this dish has “No gluten ingredients used” and  is “Vegan”.

Price  99 cents     Calories  260 per full bowl   Sodium  1340 mg per full bowl


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2 Responses to “Garlic Rice Noodle Soup Bowl – Trader Joe’s – Food Review”

  1. Miranda Matthews Says:

    Is this available for sale anywhere?

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    • steveo Says:

      If it’s no longer available at TJ, try a local Asian market for a similar product. You can also ask your local TJ manager if they can order it for you.


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