Trader Joe’s Punjab Choley – Food Review


Let me know if you find anyone who will kiss you after this.

Hot! Hot! Hot!

It was good to unknowingly save the best for last.  Especially if you like heat, this is one you should try.  Not only are there real full-size chick peas, and plenty of them, to go with the sauce, but the sauce has all the flavor we’d expect to find in something labeled Indian Fare.  And, the heat!  A triumvirate to rule forever.

Like the other Indian Fare reviewed here, this one comes in the heavy-duty plastic and foil package which just needs to be torn open, dumped in a bowl, heated in a microwave and eaten.  It couldn’t be easier.

The Trader classifies this product as “Vegan” and “No gluten ingredients used”.

Look here for other TJ Indian Fare.

Calories  420/package    Price $1.99


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