Trader Joe’s Multigrain Crackers – Food Review


It must be the microbial enzymes that make these so good?  Is this more than anyone wants to know?

These crackers are sort of addictive.  They remind me of another cracker I’ve had before but just can’t remember which one.  A Ritz cracker is my best guess of what they remind me of, without actually having a Ritz here to taste along side TJ’s Multigrain.   Regardless, whatever they may or may not taste like, these are excellent.

Buttery might be one way to describe the taste and texture.  No butter in the ingredients, just sunflower oil.  Then, perhaps sunny is what they taste like?  Delicate is another way to describe them.  Delicate and sunny?  We’re taking  literary license way too far.

They’re pretty good just by themselves.  When paired with toppings it’s probably best to stick with similar soft delicate textures and flavors (see my pairing experiment below).


TJ Dutch Gouda – Nice combination.  The mild flavors of both cracker and cheese complement each other.  The softness of the cheese also matches the texture of the cracker.

TJ Sheep’s Milk Gouda – This stronger tasting Gouda cheese overpowers the crackers.  The harder texture of the cheese, as well as a little bit of crunchy granules, in the cheese from the aging process, also seems to be more than the cracker can handle.

TJ asiago cheese – Even though this cheese matches the stronger taste and hardness of the sheep’s milk Gouda, this combination seemed a little more compatible.

Volpi Soppresata Salami – This is not a good combination for me.  The chewy and fatty texture of the salami didn’t go well with the cracker’s texture.  And, as did the stronger tasting cheese, the stronger tasting salami tended to overpower the taste of the milder cracker.

For both the sheep’s milk Gouda and the salami, TJ’s Bite Size Everything Crackers  might be a better pairing.  The Everything crackers, or at least what I remember of them, are a bit harder and have more flavor on their own.  That extra bit of strength helps them match the stronger tasting toppings.

Trader Joe labels these as “Vegan”.
Calories 150 (about 14 crackers)     Price  $1.69  (10 ounce box)


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