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ALDI – Savoritz Wheat Crisp vs. Nabisco Wheat Thins – Food Review

 aldi, wheat crisp, savoritz, calories, price, reviewJanuary 31, 2017wheat thins, nabisco, crackers, review, price, calories
These are so similar I can’t tell the difference right down to the 9 pinhole sized depressions in each cracker.  To highlight the differences first, without using a strain gauge the Wheat Thins seem to be a very slightly stronger cracker.  The ingredients are slightly different.  ALDI also lists a few precautions for people who are very sensitive to certain trace allergens which may come from the production facility.  If you are sensitive to trace amounts of allergens, be sure to read the labels on both products.
aldi, wheat crisp, savoritz, calories, price, review, nutritionwheat thins, nabisco, crackers, review, price, calories, nutritionThe taste and texture are so similar between the two products that I have no preference for either.  Depending on the store I was in at the time and how much change was in my pocket, I’d purchase either one if I was in need of a wheat cracker like these.  Personally, that need only comes up about once every 10 years.

Wheat Crisp – Calories 140 (31g, about 16 crackers) – Price  $1.29

Wheat Thins – Calories  140 (31g, about 16 crackers) – Price  $2.50


Savoritz Baked Woven Wheat Crackers – Food Review – ALDI

ALDI - Savoritz Baked Woven Wheat Crackers

ALDI – Savoritz Baked Woven Wheat Crackers

Have some crackers with your salt?


Trader Joe’s Roasted Gorgonzola (flavored) Crackers – Food Review


Not a Gorgon in the ingredients.  Not even a Zola.


Trader Joe’s Multigrain Crackers – Food Review


It must be the microbial enzymes that make these so good?  Is this more than anyone wants to know?


TJ Multigrain Pita Bite Crackers – Food Review


Try these instead, TJ Bite Size Everything Crackers.

Hardtack came to mind with the first bite into these crackers.


TJ’s Bite Size Everything Crackers – Food Review & Recipe (sort of)


 As you might expect, if it’s from Trader Joe’s, it’s just a little different.


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