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TJ’s Bite Size Everything Crackers – Food Review & Recipe (sort of)


 As you might expect, if it’s from Trader Joe’s, it’s just a little different.


Pot Luck Italian Pasta Salad – recipe


A couple of times a month, I leave work, walk across the parking lot, go to the deli department of the local supermarket, buy a small container of some type of pasta salad costing around $6/lb., plus or minus, walk out of the store, back across the parking lot, take the elevator back to the office, where I eat the pasta salad at my desk.  As well as having a very boring life, I like pasta salad.


Chicken Salad Sandwich – Recipe


It’s sometimes amazing what you can throw together without much thought or time.  To balance that out, of course, are the science experiments gone wrong that end up in your lessons learned book.  This one is more on the amazing side.


Chicken And Spinach Soup – Not What You’d Think – Recipe


This is another one that surprises based on its simplicity and results.  This light soup will bring  pleasant comments from you and your family or guests.  But first a quiz.


Simple Stuff – Recipes


Sometimes we cook simply because our bodies demand fuel.  Then, we cook to eat.  Here are a few simple recipes that feed that fuel demand.


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