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Mama Cozzi’s – Chicken Parmesan Pizza – Food Review – ALDI


March 12, 2016

Not much chicken, not much cheese, not much sauce equals not much of anything.  If you’re hungry and this is the last thing in the store freezer case, go for it.  There’s not much more to say.

Price  $3.99      Calories  310 per slice (1/5 of pie)

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Mama Cozzi’s
Chicken Parmesan
Pizza – ALDI

aldi, pizza, mama cozzi, chicken parmesan pizza, review, price, calories

Mama Cozzi’s
Chicken Parmesan
Pizza – back label


Mama Cozzi’s – Chicken, Spinach And Garlic Pizza – Food Review – ALDI

Mama Cozzi's Chicken, Spinach & Garlic Pizza

Mama Cozzi’s Chicken, Spinach & Garlic Pizza

The acid test for any food is whether your dog, if you have a dog, will lick your fingers and/or plate after eating something like this.  I am glad to say a dog will lick your fingers, plate, mustache, lips, . . . – well let’s just stop here in the list of what your dog may lick.


14 Days On Clear Fluids – and Better Than Bouillon – Day Eight – Food Review


It’s been used here before.  It’s still extremely good.


Italian Chicken Breasts with Pan Tomato Sauce – Recipe


Almost like they do in the restaurants.  And works for fish too.


Stove Top Dutch Oven Chicken Cacciatore – Recipe


Be the hunter.


Garlic Chicken – recipe


Whether made spicy or not, people like this a lot.


Chicken And Spinach Soup – Not What You’d Think – Recipe


This is another one that surprises based on its simplicity and results.  This light soup will bring  pleasant comments from you and your family or guests.  But first a quiz.


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