TJ’s Bite Size Everything Crackers – Food Review & Recipe (sort of)


 As you might expect, if it’s from Trader Joe’s, it’s just a little different.

It was sitting there next to the checkout counter, tempting everyone, as it was designed to do.  If the line had moved faster, it would’ve stayed there.  But alas, with a spare moment of lost indecision it flew off the shelf and into the basket.

Bite Size Everything just about says it all for these crackers.  They’re not a saltine, not a Ritz.  They’re exactly what you’d expect from Trader Joe’s.  As advertised, the crackers are topped with garlic, onion, sesame, poppy and caraway seeds.  They’re pretty good stuff to munch on while watching a streaming video from Netflix.  With all those ingredients the taste is complex.  It’s not a taste you’ll recognize on the first cracker or the second cracker or even the third.  But by the tenth cracker you’ll recognize them for life as, Trader Joe’s Bite Size Everything Crackers.  Because that’s what they are.

A little bit of serendipity happened here.  As I was looking for another finger food snack for Super Bowl watching, I combined the Everything crackers with some thin slices of TJ’s Chianti Artisan Salami, some thin slices of TJ’s Asiago Cheese and some thin slices of red onion.  Taste complexity on top of taste complexity.  Strangely enough it all worked together.  A slighty different flavor with each chew.  Some bites a little sweet.  Some bites a little earthy.  Some bites of garlic.  Some bites of who knows what.  Great stuff to go with beer.  I’ll give inspirational credit for this combination to McSorley’s Old Ale House and their saltine, onion and sharp cheddar plate.


Calories:  140  (14 crackers, but who can count?)  Price:  $1.99


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