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Mama Cozzi’s – Chicken, Spinach And Garlic Pizza – Food Review – ALDI

Mama Cozzi's Chicken, Spinach & Garlic Pizza

Mama Cozzi’s Chicken, Spinach & Garlic Pizza

The acid test for any food is whether your dog, if you have a dog, will lick your fingers and/or plate after eating something like this.  I am glad to say a dog will lick your fingers, plate, mustache, lips, . . . – well let’s just stop here in the list of what your dog may lick.



Trader Joe’s Palak Paneer – Frozen – Food Review


Just to confuse us again, Trader Joe’s has two products called Palak Paneer.  This is the frozen variety and it’s a step up from the canned in a pouch kind.


Chicken And Spinach Soup – Not What You’d Think – Recipe


This is another one that surprises based on its simplicity and results.  This light soup will bring  pleasant comments from you and your family or guests.  But first a quiz.


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