Chicken Salad Sandwich – Recipe


It’s sometimes amazing what you can throw together without much thought or time.  To balance that out, of course, are the science experiments gone wrong that end up in your lessons learned book.  This one is more on the amazing side.

The chicken salad sandwich on rye with a deli pickle at St. Louis Bread Company, also known as Panera everywhere else in the world, is one of my favorite lunches.  However, I’ve never made chicken salad for myself.  So here goes.   

What I like about this is, every bite will have a little different taste and texture to it.  Sometimes you’ll get a little more apple in a bite, sometimes a little more chicken, sometimes a little more onion, etc.  So don’t cut your pieces too small, otherwise they’ll all blend together.

If you happen to have some chopped nuts around the house, add a few of those in and you’ll end up with something that would cost you about $8/pound at your supermarket deli counter.

1 – 13 oz can cooked chicken breast, drained, chunks broken up

1 – stalk celery, small chop

1 – small onion, small chop

1/2 apple – small chop

1 – tablespoon dried parsley

1/8 teaspoon dill seed, optional

1 – sprinkle milled pepper

1/8 teaspoon salt

8 tablespoons mayonnaise, more or less to your taste

Drain the fluid from the can of chicken.  Chop up the celery, apple and onion.  Add everything, except the mayonnaise to a mixing bowl.  Mix.  Mix in the mayonnaise, adding more or less, until you get the desired texture and taste.  As in most of these types of recipes, it’s even better the next day after sitting in the refrigerator.  I don’t know if that’s science or fantasy.

Slap a couple of pieces of your favorite bread around some of  it,  add a deli pickle if you have one and a leaf or two of lettuce.


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