TJ Multigrain Pita Bite Crackers – Food Review


Try these instead, TJ Bite Size Everything Crackers.

Hardtack came to mind with the first bite into these crackers.

To be honest they’re probably not as hard as hardtack was, but they’re plenty crunchy.  There’s not much taste to them.  While one of the listed ingredients is sea salt, with just about every food imaginable now containing sea salt, the sea must be running low on salt, because the salt was few and far between on these crackers.  When it was present, it made a huge improvement to the taste.

However, I doubt many of us would sit and nibble on these crackers while watching our favorite TV show.  Instead, and as the pictures on the box suggest, these crackers can be used as the edible plate for canapes.  In the role of an edible plate and when paired with some stronger tasting toppings, they work pretty well.  For my little experiment I tried them with thin slices of Gouda cheese, Asiago Cheese and salami, as well as the cheeses and salami in combination.  The toppings added the missing taste.  The crackers added a nice crunch to the soft toppings.  A little more salt on the crackers would’ve made the combination even better.

As they are rather hard, I also suspected they’d still be crispy when the canapes are made a little in advance and stored in the refrigerator.  A two-hour incubation in the frig with some cheese and salami on them covered by some plastic wrap, proved the theory.  Still crispy, even if a very little bit softer.

For me, the jury is still out on the pita bite crackers.  As an everyday cracker, they’re probably not what I’m looking for.

Calories  120 per 8 crackers     Price  $2.49 per 6 ounce box


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