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Trader Joe’s – Southwest Chicken Quesadillas – Food Review


trader joe, quesadilla, chicken, frozenJuly 9, 2016trader joe, quesadilla, chicken, frozen, nutrition

Here’s a step up from your basic under $1 frozen burrito.  This is a roughly 7 1/2 inch tortilla folded over in half on the filling.  In short, it’s a quesadilla.   The tortilla is “pre-toasted” giving it some substance even after freezing.  At 400 calories it’s big enough to feel like you’ve had more than a snack.  The filling is tasty and mildly spicy.   On the negative side, the filling is somewhat pasty – although not as much as those under $1 frozen burritos.  There are small chunks of chicken mixed in with the other ingredients giving the filling a little more texture.   The quesadilla cooks up nicely in the microwave using the printed directions (3 minutes on 50% power and then 1 minute on high).   Overall, for a relatively inexpensive frozen entrée, this is a good choice  but not reaching the level of greatness.

Price $3.69 (2 per box)      Calories 400 per quesadilla


ALDI Happy Farms Mexican Style Cheese – Food Review


This is a four cheese blend that when melted together tastes like one.  So why not just start with one?


ALDI Casa Mamita Medium Salsa – Food Review


Need something to keep a medium to large crowd occupied, but don’t want to spend a lot of money and don’t want to be so entertaining that they stay too long?  This is it.


Posole – Recipe


Hominy, that tough tasteless white, as if just returning from a vegetable vampire party, stuff that hangs out with grit.  Why is this the key ingredient in posole?


Quesadilla Special – recipe


Here’s the recipe that goes along with the review of Trader Joe’s Soy Chorizo.  Simple but effective.


Mexican ( Spanish ) Rice – recipe


Ever wonder how the Mexican restaurants make that wonderful rice that comes as a side dish with most meals?  Here’s one way that gets you close.


Trader Joe’s Chile Relleno – Food Review


This won’t put my local Mexican restaurant out of business, but for a change of pace, it’s not bad.


Chili Verde ? – Recipe


 I thought I knew what chili verde was, until I started doing some research.   In fact now I’m not even sure of the spelling, chili versus chile.  I defer to what Shakespeare meant with that rose thing.


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