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Trader Joe’s – Reduced Guilt Spinach & Cheese Shells – Food Review


Trader Joe, Stuffed Spinach Cheese Shells, review, nutrition, calories, price, reduced guiltI still feel guilty.  That’s the same way I felt after reviewing the last reduced guilt pasta I tried.  While this is okay, there are better alternatives in the TJ freezer case.

The sauce has a mild tomato flavor, but is otherwise bland. The shells are stuffed with 50/50 spinach/ricotta mixture .  The mixture produces a nice flavor.  The shells themselves feel mushy and overcooked.  There’s a low sauce to shell ratio, meaning it would have been nicer to have some additional sauce.  The sauce becomes rather thick because the sprinkled on cheese mixes in with the sauce.

The cooking directions seem strange.  After a minute in the microwave you’re asked to remove the container and  stir around the inside edges.  In retrospect, I assume this was to prevent what happened.  The sauce/cheese mixture in the corners overcooked bigly.  This created some nicely burnt to really burnt bits of cheese and sauce in the corners.  The nicely burnt pieces were enjoyable, depending on personal preference.  The really burnt bits were not so enjoyable.  One other item of note, a knife was needed to cut through the shells.

Trader Joe, Stuffed Spinach Cheese Shells, review, nutrition, calories, price, reduced guiltOverall this has; a nice filling, badly cooked shells, not enough of a bland sauce and a sauce that mixes too readily with the cheese sprinkled on top.  And, you’ll probably feel just as guilty after trying these.

Calories  270   Price  $2.69


Trader Joe’s – Ricotta & Spinach Tortelloni – Food Review


trader joes, food, review, tortelloni, ricotta, spinach, priceDecember 31, 2016
Lets just say, your local Italian restaurant would be quickly out of business if it served this dish.  The concept sounded good, the ingredients were there, but the execution didn’t work out – just like some Sunday NFL games.  The tortelloni came out unevenly cooked, ranging between tough to mushy.  The cheese filling was just okay.  Read that as not very flavorful.  The tomatoes varied from okay to mushy.  The red pesto including bits of red pepper, zucchini and whatnot was the best part.  There was very little liquid to the sauce, if that’s what you’re expecting.

trader joes, food, review, tortelloni, ricotta, spinach, price, nutritionHowever, considering the price of $1.99, it’s competitive in quality with other frozen entrées in this range.  If the pasta and tomatoes could be cooked more evenly, this would be a much better dish.  Maybe all it needs is a quick stir in the middle of cooking?

Calories:  460, Serving: Size 1 container   Price:  $1.99

Trader Joe’s Lamb Vindaloo – Food Review


Trader Joe, Lamb Vindaloo, Indian, spicy, food, frozen, reviewSeptember 4, 2016

The rice is nice, not as nutty as I like.  The sauce is awesome, like a golf foursome.  The heat is neat, but will sweat your feet.

The first taste starts as a nice multiflavored tomato based sauce which fools you into a sense of complacency while the heat starts to build in the mouth over the next minute to a level that will have most people calling the nearest fire department. The rice actually tastes better after a mouthful of high heat and helps somewhat to mediate the fire in the mouth.  However, it’s best to have a glass of ice water around to help put out the fire.  Phew!

Trader Joe, Lamb Vindaloo, Indian, spicy, food, frozen, nutritionThe lamb comes in big chunks and is tender to a little tough depending on the piece.  In contrast to some other recently reviewed frozen entrées from Trader Joe’s,  there’s more meat than rice here.   For people who like very spicy hot Indian food, this is a very good frozen entrée.

Calories:  390, Serving: Size 1 container   Price:  $3.99

Trader Joe’s Thai Vegetable Kao Soi – Food Review


If I had a list of favorite Trader Joe’s Asian foods, this would be in the top 3.


Trader Joe’s Baingan Bharta – Eggplant Curry – Food Review


This can add and remove chest hair.  Both at the same time!


Trader Joe’s Reduced Guilt Baked Ziti – Food Review


I’m feeling guilty.  Guilty for buying this.


Trader Joe’s Palak Paneer – Frozen – Food Review


Just to confuse us again, Trader Joe’s has two products called Palak Paneer.  This is the frozen variety and it’s a step up from the canned in a pouch kind.


Trader Joe’s Chicken Vindaloo – Food Review


There’s a nice bit of heat in this frozen box lunch from Trader Joe’s.  At $ 2.49, it’s another thing that will be hard to pass up on your next visit.


Trader Joe’s Chile Relleno – Food Review


This won’t put my local Mexican restaurant out of business, but for a change of pace, it’s not bad.


Trader Joe’s Update – December, 2010


A recent trip to TJ’s proved disappointing this week.  Gone from the shelves were my favorite Chianti Artisan Salami as well as its cousin Pinot Grigio Artisan Salami.  I hope this a temporary aberration.  (more…)

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