Trader Joe’s Update – December, 2010


A recent trip to TJ’s proved disappointing this week.  Gone from the shelves were my favorite Chianti Artisan Salami as well as its cousin Pinot Grigio Artisan Salami.  I hope this a temporary aberration. 

Also missing was another favorite,  BelGioioso Asiago Cheese (picture).  This, with the salami above, made a nice party appetizer.  Super Bowl is coming up.  TJ now has his own brand of Asiago Cheese.  We’ll see if this is as good as the BelGioioso.  The price is still right at $5.49 per pound.  It smells the same.

Another missing item was the Identity Crisis Chips that seem to be of interest to LA Lakers fans.

While I couldn’t find any D’Aquino Gaetano Sangiovese Di Toscana or TJ’s French Market Reserve Merlot wines, I did find for $3.99 an Aquila D’Oro Toscana.  It certainly has a bargain price.  We’ll be sampling this over the holidays.  It will be interesting to see how this Super Tuscan wine compares with the D’Aquino, also a Super Tuscan.

From memory, Vegetable Pad Thai was $1.99 and TJ’s Pad Thai w/ Tofu was $2.29.  Both relative bargains, but especially so if you’re calculating price per calorie, low price and lots of calories in both.

Both of TJ’s Italian and Spanish olive oils remain bargains at $5.99 a bottle. 

If you’re looking for a vegetarian holiday dinner item,  TJ still carries the Tofurky Roast at around $10.

The wine section seemed to be a little smaller than usual. A TJ associate claimed a large wine shipment was due in tomorrow.  If I get a chance I’ll stop by and check it out.  

The store also seemed more organized and less cluttered.  That’s a step in the wrong direction.  Kill the ambience?


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