Trader Joe’s Thai Vegetable Kao Soi – Food Review


If I had a list of favorite Trader Joe’s Asian foods, this would be in the top 3.

Happy New Year!

Welcome back New Year’s Eve party goers.  If you need something to get you up and going today, pop this in the microwave.

I bought this just to see how they kept the crispy noodles crispy.  That was simple enough.  The crispy noodles are in a separate plastic wrap package.   It worked.  Be sure you look for them because they’re “hidden” in a compartment on one side of the package.  The other side has the Kao Soi.  If you don’t open both sides of the package, you’ll miss one or the other.

The only negative for me were the non-crispy noodles (yes two kinds of noodles) and the vegetables .  They both seemed a little on  the soft side for my tastes.  I don’t mind exercising the teeth from time to time.

However,  the sauce quickly takes away any thoughts of not liking this.  The sauce, more of a soup, is just amazing.  Read the ingredients list and you’ll see what it takes to make this taste so good.  Along with the multitude of flavors that only an expert could separate out, the coconut milk and palm sugar add just a touch of sweetness.

Have a tissue and a napkin close by.  The sinus clearing heat is going to cause some embarrassment if you need to clean your nose on your sleeve (not recommended even with close company).  Best to use the tissue.

You’ll need the napkin if, like me, you first attack with a fork.  The fork will deplete the vegetables and noodles leaving about 1/2 inch of sauce in the tray.  Trust me, what will happen next is you’ll pick up the tray and start slurping the sauce from one of the tray corners (bottom right corner for me).  This technique is acceptable in close company, but only if the company has a package of their own.  They’ll be slurping too.  A slurping duet is what you’ll end up with.  Stay in time and harmony.  Unless you’re a very neat slurper, you’ll now need the napkin.

To say I couldn’t get enough of the sauce is an understatement.  This is really good stuff.

Trader Joe says this product is “Vegan”.

Calories 430/box       Price  $2.99

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