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WPC – “The most interesting turkey in the world, eats Tofurky.” – Photography


Happy non-Turkey Thanksgiving

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Stay veggie, my friend!”


Trader Joe’s – Tofurky Italian Sausage – Food Review


trader joe, review, nutrition, price, calories, tofurky italian sausageJune 14, 2017

It’s not Italian sausage.  BUT, for a meatless meat (yes it’s labeled vegan), it has the texture, if not exactly the taste, of a meat.  The texture is the biggest problem with many meatless meats. They, or we, can always work on how it tastes.  In its own right, it’s fairly good tasting, but on the bland side.


Tofurky® Roast


The son’s a vegetarian.  Really, he just doesn’t eat meat.  To call him a vegetarian would imply some sort of conviction which usually eludes him.  The actual rule is, don’t eat anything with eyes.  I guess potatoes would be an exception.  I wonder where artichoke hearts fit in the vegetarian diet?


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