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WPC – Inverted Sunset – Photography


wpc, photography, nik, sunset, gimp, photo manipulation

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WPC – Golden Hour Sunset – Photography


wpc, sunset, photography, golden hour

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Half-Light -Twilight Time – Photography

 Deepening shadows gather splendor as day is done
Fingers of night will soon surrender the setting sun

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Extra Ordinary – Sol – Photography


She’s been around since anyone can remember, day in and day out.  She goes by one name, just to keep things simple.  Her looks?  Let’s just say, she used to be worshipped as a goddess.  She works in two industries, entertainment and nuclear physics. Who said science couldn’t be hot?  She still puts on two shows a day.  Nowadays most of us sleep through the first show and are stuck in rush hour traffic for the second.  She goes between platinum blond and fiery red-head.  And watch it, she can burn!   Romantic?   Not so much anymore.   When she looks at the moon all she sees is a fading reflection of herself.

Ordinary?  You bet.  More than ordinary is more like it.  Yes, extra ordinary fits her perfectly.  But wait.  Why does the spell checker keep suggesting extraordinary?
Just An Ordinary Sunset

Just An Ordinary Sunset


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Weekly Photo Challenge – Roy G. Biv – Sunset – Photography


I cheated.  Again.  Sorry.  In order to come close to the challenge I included the histogram for photo in the challenge (and a little bit of my desktop wallpaper).  So here’s the cheat and the final photo.

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Sunset with Histogram

Sunset with Histogram



Weekly Photo Challenge – Reward – Being Here

Being Here

Being Here

Weekly Photo Challenge – Reward – Being Here

Painted Sunset – Photography

Painted Sunset

Painted Sunset

The sun did the color.  The water did the brush strokes.





Fall Sunset – Photography



One of the last nice days we’ll see in this part of the country for a few months.



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