Weekly Photo Challenge – Extra Ordinary – Sol – Photography


She’s been around since anyone can remember, day in and day out.  She goes by one name, just to keep things simple.  Her looks?  Let’s just say, she used to be worshipped as a goddess.  She works in two industries, entertainment and nuclear physics. Who said science couldn’t be hot?  She still puts on two shows a day.  Nowadays most of us sleep through the first show and are stuck in rush hour traffic for the second.  She goes between platinum blond and fiery red-head.  And watch it, she can burn!   Romantic?   Not so much anymore.   When she looks at the moon all she sees is a fading reflection of herself.

Ordinary?  You bet.  More than ordinary is more like it.  Yes, extra ordinary fits her perfectly.  But wait.  Why does the spell checker keep suggesting extraordinary?
Just An Ordinary Sunset

Just An Ordinary Sunset


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12 Responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – Extra Ordinary – Sol – Photography”

  1. honestme363 Says:

    Loved reading her story and a beautiful photo of her fiery nature

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  2. Sarah Ferguson Says:

    Beautiful – both words and picture!

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  3. janjoy52 Says:


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  4. David Says:

    Yes I see it now and I really like the way the braches create the sun rays.

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    • steveo Says:

      Thanks. I definitely wasn’t in my happy place when I created that post. Thanks for mentioning the image problem. If you look really hard, there’s an 8 man racing shell on the far side of the lake just under the sun. They were out late that night.

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  5. La chica que vino a la vida Says:

    Cute! I love the accompanying text! And the picture is amazing. Well done. 🙂

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  6. David Says:

    Don’t see a photo. There’s an oblong box where it should be, the photo title bottom center, and an “x” and photo title in upper left of box. When I click on either I get a WordPress page with 404 – file not found. I don’t normally encounter this, it’s something extra ordinary. 🙂

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    • steveo Says:

      Thanks David. It should be fixed now. That also explains why the last edits to the photo didn’t show up. I deleted the first photo and never replaced it with the second. But the good news is, people seem to like it. Maybe that’s the key to blogging, leave out the photo?

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