Weekly Photo Challenge – Reward – Being Here

Being Here

Being Here

Weekly Photo Challenge – Reward – Being Here


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4 Responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – Reward – Being Here”

  1. A Delightful Surprise [“Risking Exposure”; a paperback gift from the author] | Ramisa the Authoress Says:

    […] Ain’t Found A Good Title Blog Weekly Photo Challenge – Reward – Being Here […]


  2. seeker Says:

    Thank you fro being here and bringing the rays of light.

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  3. Tina Schell Says:

    Beautiful sky!


    • steveo Says:

      Thanks. I was using a circular polarizing filter that day. They’re tricky to get right, but when they’re right they produce a sky like that. Other than some cropping along the bottom and reducing the file size, the image is straight from what is now an old 5mp digital camera.


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