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Weekly Photo Challenge – Spare Photo (Tulip) – Photography

tulip, flame, post process, edit

Spare Photo – Tulip

What do we do with all those spare photos that don’t quite make it on their own?  Edit them.  Take a color-blind guy, the wrong lens in the wrong light, a damaged tulip, mix in an editing “curve”,  what’s left is another spare photo (just different).  Want to pick up more spares, click here(more…)

Google Nik Collection Now Free – Photo Editing – Photography


March 29, 2016

As of last Thursday Google has reduced the price of its Nik Collection of photo editing software to FREE!  At a previous price of somewhere between $150 and $200, the current price of $0 (zero) is a bargain.  So if you’ve ever wanted to use this software, now is the time to do it.


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