Google Nik Collection Now Free – Photo Editing – Photography


March 29, 2016

As of last Thursday Google has reduced the price of its Nik Collection of photo editing software to FREE!  At a previous price of somewhere between $150 and $200, the current price of $0 (zero) is a bargain.  So if you’ve ever wanted to use this software, now is the time to do it.

Here’s a link to the announcement.  Note that if you’ve purchased the software in 2016, Google is planning to refund the purchase price.

Here’s a link to the Nik Collection home page and download.

The software is meant to be used as a plugin to several other editing tools, e.g., Photoshop.  See the list at the bottom of the link directly above here.   It can also be run as standalone programs (no need for the other editors).  However, as it was not designed to run standalone, you do so at risk to your photos.  Read below and pay attention to the cautions in the link.

Here’s a link to some basic instructions to use the software in a standalone mode.  Pay attention to the part which warns about losing your original image.  Always make a copy of your image first and work on the copy.  Also note the other issues and limitations when using these programs in a standalone mode.


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