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WPC – Satisfaction – Flowers Within – Photography


rose, knockout rose, pink, petals, detail, soft

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WPC – Earth, Sun, Flower – Photography



sunflower, wpc, earth, life, sun

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Flower bridges earth to namesake.
All three together life does make.

WPC – Left/Right – Opposites – Photography



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Weekly Photo Challenge – Innumerable Numbers – Photography


seed, flowers, pink, blue

Every wheat grain
Every corn kernel
Every fish roe
Every flower seed
Every fruit pit
Every bird egg
Innumerable numbers of survival

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Spare Photo (Tulip) – Photography

tulip, flame, post process, edit

Spare Photo – Tulip

What do we do with all those spare photos that don’t quite make it on their own?  Edit them.  Take a color-blind guy, the wrong lens in the wrong light, a damaged tulip, mix in an editing “curve”,  what’s left is another spare photo (just different).  Want to pick up more spares, click here(more…)

Weekly Photo Challenge – Jubilant Flower – Photography

I was jubilant when I slightly missed focus on this flower.

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Butterfly Dance – Photography

flower, butterfly, black butterfly, pink flower

Dancing On Flowers

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Peaceful State Of Mind – Photography

orchids, peaceful. flowers

Peaceful State Of Mind

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Turtle Thursday – African Violet Monochrome – Guest – Photography

African Violet Monochrome

African Violet Monochrome

Taken with an ASUS Android tablet computer and edited with Snapseed (downsized with Picasa).  The 1/15 sec exposure probably caused some softness.  But still, it’s an interesting experiment.

Turtle Thursday – Peace On Earth – Photography


Happy Holidays and a Joyous New Year!

Peace On Earth - 2016?

Peace On Earth – 2016?

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