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ALDI – O’Donnells Caramel Cream – Food Review


aldi, o'donnells caramel cream, food, review, price, wineDecember 23, 2017

With the year-end holidays comes sleeping in and slow morning wakeups with a little spiked coffee.  At least that’s the tradition around this house.  The spike in the coffee usually takes the form of some Irish cream.

Here’s a new variation of the holiday tradition first reviewed here, O’Donnells Original Irish cream,  What could go wrong by adding some caramel flavor to the Irish cream?  Absolutely nothing.  For me, this is even better than the original.  The caramel flavor is not overpowering.  In fact it’s barely noticeable in the coffee.  But for whatever reason it tends to smooth out the beverage even more.  Very enjoyable.  Price $8.99

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ALDI – O’Donnells Tiramisu – Food Review

ODonnells, Irish cream, wine, tiramisu, ALDI

O’Donnells Tiramisu – ALDI

Twinkies’ older supermodel sister, that’s what Tiramisu should be.

Expectations were high.


ALDI – O’Donnells Irish Cream – Food Review


ALDI-Odonells_IrishCreamFrontIt’s wine?


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