ALDI – O’Donnells Tiramisu – Food Review

ODonnells, Irish cream, wine, tiramisu, ALDI

O’Donnells Tiramisu – ALDI

Twinkies’ older supermodel sister, that’s what Tiramisu should be.

Expectations were high.

February 27, 2016

Sad to say, the high expectations were not met.  Honestly, could a wine, which is how this Irish cream is classified, really taste like Tiramisu?  And it’s really more than taste, it’s the mouth feel that’s makes Tiramisu really special.  That would be difficult to do in a liquid!

When compared to O’Donnells regular Irish cream, I prefer the regular over the Tiramisu version.  There’s not much difference, but the regular Irish cream seems to be less bitter and smoother.  Interestingly, O’Donnells leaves the words Irish cream completely off this bottle and just labels it as Tiramisu.

I’ve tried this straight, with coffee and with oatmeal.  I didn’t care for it straight in a glass.  When I didn’t put too much in the coffee or oatmeal, it worked well.  The regular Irish cream generally worked better with these applications.  As an aside, yes the word oatmeal above is not an error.  Irish cream works very well with oatmeal – and no need for a bunch of added sugar, which unfortunately is how way too much oatmeal is sold.

Price $8.99

ODonnells, Irish cream, wine, tiramisu, ALDI

O’Donnells Tiramisu – ALDI


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  1. Rose Foertsch Says:

    Where can I find O’Donnell’s Tiramisu

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