ALDI – O’Donnells Caramel Cream – Food Review


aldi, o'donnells caramel cream, food, review, price, wineDecember 23, 2017

With the year-end holidays comes sleeping in and slow morning wakeups with a little spiked coffee.  At least that’s the tradition around this house.  The spike in the coffee usually takes the form of some Irish cream.

Here’s a new variation of the holiday tradition first reviewed here, O’Donnells Original Irish cream,  What could go wrong by adding some caramel flavor to the Irish cream?  Absolutely nothing.  For me, this is even better than the original.  The caramel flavor is not overpowering.  In fact it’s barely noticeable in the coffee.  But for whatever reason it tends to smooth out the beverage even more.  Very enjoyable.  Price $8.99

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7 Responses to “ALDI – O’Donnells Caramel Cream – Food Review”

  1. Angelia Thomas Says:

    What is the expiration date for your O’Donnells caramel cream. I cannot find it on the bottle. A friend of mine received a bottle, and it taste spoiled. Not expiration.
    Only numbers and letters on the bottle to look like a manufacturer date is L18/145 197 09 21. Some help please.

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    • steveo Says:

      My bottle is long gone. From the pictures, there does not seem to be an expiration date, or any date on the label. Since that post is from 2017 and I haven’t seen the product at Aldi in at least a year, maybe more, I’ll assume your friend got a bottle that was at someone’s house for a relatively long time. The link for that brand in the post for the importer also doesn’t work. A Google search says Irish cream in general will last for a year or two when stored unopened correctly. Although for quality purposes it’s best used within 6 months. Since it appears this is pretty old stock your friend received and it didn’t taste good, it would be best not to drink it and discard the bottle and any other bottles your friend may have. Hope this helps.


  2. luisa zambrotta Says:

    They look so nice…

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