ALDI – O’Donnells Irish Cream – Food Review


ALDI-Odonells_IrishCreamFrontIt’s wine?

That’s what the bottle says, grape wine and whey neutral spirits.  I understand way neutral spirits, but whey?  Well it seems whey neutral spirits is alcohol made from the whey left over from cheese making   That is interesting.  But in the end distilled alcohol is distilled alcohol and works the same way in our bodies regardless of source.  So we should stay neutral when judging this product based on ingredients.

As for the grape wine, well I’m confused again.  It sure doesn’t taste like wine.  But perhaps this is also distilled into a more potent alcohol?  Check out their website and try to figure this out for yourself.

Now the cream part.  There’s not a mention of cream as an ingredient on the label.  That’s three mysteries in one bottle.  Not bad at about $3 a mystery.

But this review isn’t about how it’s made, this review is about how it tastes.  One of the good things about most alcoholic beverages is that after the first portion, the next portion(s) generally seem to taste better.  And so it is here.  When used to spike and smooth out a cup of coffee in the morning (that’s a holiday tradition at this house), the first cup tastes a little sharper when compared with some other Irish Creams.  But the second and third cups go down just fine.

For $8.99 a bottle, it may not be 100% as good as the Irish Creams that cost up to twice as much, but it’s approaching at least 90% as good.  No matter how they do it, it seems to work.

Price $8.99   Calories – yes, but not specified




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27 Responses to “ALDI – O’Donnells Irish Cream – Food Review”

  1. Maria Ruenes Says:

    All Aldis can not sale the Odonnals dont have the scan info they said so pulled all off shelves have been to 3 and all the same.
    When will Aldis resale

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  2. Kerry Brooker Says:

    Dosnt come close to Baileys, too sweet, maybe it’s just me, but there is a coconut after taste as well. Just hasn’t got the heat of the whisky taste of Baileys.

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  3. Jim c cook Says:

    When you find you need to talk of your experiences with Aldiss Irish cream ,you need to find better places to spend your money. I can tell you this ,like most items Addis can’t keep up with the name brands but we started useing knock offs in our budget 2 years ago and was able to take the $$$$$$ we saved and trade for a new car. Not one complaint in 2 years about any item.

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  4. kris4tea (@kris4tea) Says:

    I’m thinking just get some alcohol, maybe vodka or rum, add some actual cream and some caramel or whatever.

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  5. Joe Christensen Says:

    Odonnells is the Mad Dog of Irish cream. A slight hint of medicine possibly due to the fortification with flavoring ingredients. What do you expect from a “grape wine” converted into an Irish cream like beverage. After a bottle or two you probably won’t be able to tell the difference between Odonnells and real Irish cream. 😳

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  6. Shirley Bridges Says:

    S. Bridges
    I have both Baileys & O’Donnells and hard to tell them apart!

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    • steveo Says:

      Thanks for adding your comments. Yep, they’re pretty close. The caramel flavor is currently my favorite.


  7. Terry Ann Hodgins Says:

    Can I order O’Donnells CARAMEL on line??

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    • steveo Says:

      I don’t believe ALDI sells online. Merry is the name of the company that makes the Irish Cream. They make a similar product under their name. Haven’t tried it, so I can’t say it’s exactly the same. Do an internet search for Merry Irish Caramel Cream. There appears to be stores that sell online. But it will be more expensive and will have shipping costs added in.


  8. Jay Says:

    Yes but not specified. That’s a great line.

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    • steveo Says:

      Thanks. The first rule of mathematics is, you can’t add what you don’t know. Happy Christmas reviewing!


  9. ALDI – O’Donnells Caramel Cream – Food Review | Ain't Found A Good Title Blog Says:

    […] a new variation of the holiday tradition first reviewed here, O’Donnells Original Irish cream,  What could go wrong by adding some caramel flavor to the Irish cream?  Absolutely nothing.  […]


  10. walter a mueller Says:

    For many months, I have enjoyed your Irish Cream. However, the current bottle has not been a pleasant experience. Each serving poured has a stringy matter similar to a pudding skin. NOT at all appetizing.

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    • steveo Says:

      Hi Walter,
      Thanks for adding your comments. First, I’m just an ALDI customer, like yourself. I am not any part of ALDI. The best thing to do is take it back to your store and get a replacement, and/or a refund. If you’d like to contact ALDI directly here’s their customer contact URL.


  11. litadoolan Says:

    Like the other comment above, I am guessing this is a bit like Baileys? Worth a pop at that price! Thank you for the tip.

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  12. Cris Says:

    There’s a stamp:
    { 10/84 13:37 2?? } this is what I can make out
    What does this stamp mean? Can someone let me know?

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  13. Debbie Says:

    Good to have all the go on Aldi’s – I’m taking notes for when we are home at Xmas! This one sounds nice 🙂

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    • steveo Says:

      It’s a great way to start a holiday morning, with a touch, or more, in the coffee. But, preferably not ALDI coffee – not so good by my tastes.


  14. Saba-Thambi Says:

    Style of the label reminds me of Baileys cream.

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  15. Springfield Al Says:

    i was also confused about the Whey. Like Steveo said, it is almost as good and in coffee or hot chocolate-can you really taste the difference?


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