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CB&W – Black And White Cat – Photography


black and white cat, monochrome, photo,

It helps to have a black and white cat to start with.


Want to participate in the challenge?  Here’s the link to find out how.


WPC – Awaken? – Maybe tomorrow – Photography

wpc, cat, awakening
Need more reasons to get up in the morning, click here.

WPC – Whiskers In The Dark – Photography


wpc, face in crowd, photography, nik, cat

Looking for more faces?  click here.

Turtle Thursday – Cat Yawn Day – Guest – Photography


It’s just that kind of day.

cat, yawn, teeth, tiger

Cat Yawn Day

Turtle Thursday – Guest Cat – Photography


Two things are wrong with this week’s Turtle Thursday.  The first and obvious thing, this is Friday.  The second and not so obvious, there is no turtle.  So until I find more turtle pictures, filling in as a guest turtle this week is Big Boy.

Big Boy

Big Boy


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